Reversing the Radical Shift of Advertising Away From Radio

Chrysler is going to transfer about a third of its advertising budget away from radio to digital – a platform on which radio spends only 1% – or less, believe it or not.

It’s inevitable that other national and local advertisers will follow these drastic cuts.

Here are 6 solutions radio should counter with things that digital cannot do.

While radio geniuses remain in denial, you can beat your big competitors to the punch.

1.  How to create content so appealing to car dealers that you could be a broadcaster using two tin cans linked by a string and they would buy it.  That compelling!

2.  How to drive so many people to the dealer lot that the police have to turn them away.  It’s a promotion that can only be done by a radio station – albeit, one with balls.  It’s powerful – you could take it from dealer to dealer every weekend and obliterate a digital competitor for the same buy every time.  They can’t compete against this.  Don’t let your competitor read this before you do.

3.  Stop doing car lot radio remotes this minute!  They make you look old in the digital world.  Here’s a great alternative advertisers will look up to and support.

4.  What to do on-air when you are also doing digital promotions.  On-air support of digital campaigns are often weak.  Let me show you how to make them strong.

5.  Here’s a social media strategy that is better than Facebook, better than Twitter and costs you nothing.  That’s right – nothing!  You just have to know the secret.  Stop driving listeners away to social media when you can own this approach.

6.  A killer innovative idea that’s both digital and dealer-friendly that will blow away anyone looking to steal auto dollars – or any dollars – from your radio station.  Game over.

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