Redirect Radio And Digital

So how does Jerry Lee rake in more millions year after year through recessions and digital revolutions with just one awesome radio station?

He pulled the plug on the digital stream right in the middle of that revolution and runs a radio business that should be a textbook for all of us.

So Jerry Lee is going to join me as a visiting professor at my annual March 26th Media Solutions Conference in Philly.

Perhaps you saw yesterday, Lee is at it again disrupting the radio business with his latest strategic moves at B-101.

I want to drill down to issues that the radio industry needs to rethink:

  • Put a Stop/Hold On Digital – How far does a station or group need to go to harvest a viable stream of revenue from the digital space?  I’m going to try and convince you to put a stop/loss on your present digital initiatives and focus your time and resources on just one of the promising options I’m going to throw out there.
  • 2-Track Strategy For Radio  – Let’s ask Jerry Lee and he will tell you that radio makes a big mistake when it tries to be something that it is not.  Let’s get to how to be radio in a changing (and yes, aging) world of radio listeners.  He’s proving that it works and there are ways this two-track strategy will serve you as well – radio on one track, digital on a totally separate one.
  • Shrewd Social Media – Great upheaval is ahead as young demos are about to stick it to Facebook and Twitter.  But there are some hot options coming along that you should consider and I will share my strategy of starting your own social network – with all the little details on how to get it up and running. 
  • Rev Up Video Revenue – We’ve got to stop thinking of radio vs. the media world.  Radio can do digital and that doesn’t mean aiming a camera at a morning show broadcast or doing podcasts.  That ship has sailed.  Wait until I tell you about entrepreneurs with less experience than we have in media who are making millions because they are thinking about short-form video out of the box not as an add-on to radio.
  • Be a Millennial Magnet – You can’t blame them for hating radio because, face it, it is not half as good as it was when you were coming of age.  But have you been noticing all these streaming music services arriving on the scene with YouTube joining them after the first of the year?  They’re going to kill each other but radio is just sitting back watching.  I’ll show you how to fight for the Millennials you absolutely must attract to remain viable.
  • Time Shift Radio Like Netflix – Break beyond just broadcasting.  The world binges on content now and radio will have to start offering on-demand content that audiences care about.  Let me tempt you with some possibilities.

This is no wimpy agenda.

Check your calendar and see if you can make it.  Bring your key people.  This is a teaching seminar and not a convention although it’s held in a great venue and all meals and breaks are on me.

This is our fifth one (the last four have been out west) so we must be helping people who care about the changing media business.

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