Randy Michaels and the Future of iHeart

I hate to drop this on you just after the festive holiday season but something is fishy at iHeart.

They’re laying off 33% of their workforce with pink slips going out even on the eve of Christmas.

They’re selling everything in sight.

Eying bankruptcy to get out of repaying their $20.4 billion debt to lenders.

Hell, that’s all normal stuff!

The screwed up stuff is that whether you’ve noticed or not, iHeart is more and more turning to Randy Michaels’ Jacor people to bail them out.

Marc Chase worked for Michaels for 16 years straight and just joined iHeart as the most powerful programmer even above all their other suck ups already in place.

Why top iHeart execs are turning to Jacor at this point.

Why Pittman has signed off on it.

How all of this will play out in the next 12 months in the house that Randy Michaels built.

This may be the big story of next year – now.

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APOLOGY – Our server was down Monday affecting access to this website. Some of you thought InsideMusicMedia might have been hacked by North Korea. Others feared the worst: they suspected iHeart or Cumulus. One reader thought I was taking a break from writing. No way. I write this stuff all year even on vacation. I love it. After all, Lew and Bob depend on me for the truth and hopefully you do, too. Thank you for your understanding and support.