Radio Personnel Nightmare

You won’t believe where Cumulus is looking for market managers.

Yes, they are looking.

Or where Clear Channel is trying to recruit senior sales people.

Oh yes, they want sellers but not what you’re thinking.

Before the New Year even begins we have documented a growing trend that will turn the radio industry on its heels – again.

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  1. The unbelievable thing Cumulus did just yesterday to replace a key market manager.  And, they’re going to being doing more of this.
  2. Where Clear Channel is now actively looking for senior salespeople – 100 chances and you still won’t guess.
  3. Why mass recruiting is about to begin again.  That’s actually the bad news.
  4. What is the New Multitasking – how radio jobs will change this year.
  5. How poaching great talent from the two biggest radio groups will hurt the others.

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