Radio Groups That Won’t Be Here Anymore

I know!

iHeart will probably file for bankruptcy once it drains the remaining assets in the company.

And Cumulus is in serious financial trouble – Lew is shrewd, John is the slacker who has ruined their programming.

But there are some radio groups that I don’t think are going to be here anymore.

Why do I say this?

Because they are acting like the groups that we know are headed for the exits.

Which big name group – one that no one would ever guess – is acting like a loser. Firing people days before Christmas and they aren’t even iHeartMedia. I think their end game is to get out of radio.

Or the company that buys shitty stations and unloads good ones – that can’t be a company that survives.

Then there’s the rather new group that is slashing costs. Do you smell a sale coming? Some of their employees do.

The smartest radio group of all has the best exit plan – I think you will agree.

The group that is busting at the seams to find a buyer – any buyer.

And still, there is one more group that may try to go public while everyone else is getting out.

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