Radio 3-5 Years From Now

If you want to remain viable in radio, you’ve got to do two things.

One -- have a digital platform to which you can move successful radio brands.

Two -- do the best radio you’ve ever done for a new category called “available listeners”.

If I want to know how to do radio that gets ratings and makes tons of money – even today, even with digital competitors, I’m going to listen to WBEB, Philadelphia owner Jerry Lee tell me what’s ahead.

He’ll do it because that’s the way he is – sharing for the good of the industry he loves.

So I’ve asked Jerry to join me at my next media conference March 26th in Philadelphia to get specific.

While Cumulus and Clear Channel play Monopoly, let’s go one-on-one with a guy whose one, profitable station never goes out of style.

Never gets impacted negatively by digital competitors.

This seminar is a unique opportunity to see how focusing on advertisers and listeners always pays off.

I’ll be sharing my insights about the emerging trends for the year ahead.

Jerry Lee will inspire you to be proud, smart and focused on the real advantages of local radio.

Here’s a preview.  Hope you can join us in Philly!

Discover Jerry’s 2014 Media Conference