Programming & Sales Shakeup Coming To Cumulus

The latest Nash FM, New York ratings even lower than the previous format.

WLS-FM, Chicago revenue off a whopping 30% -- confirmed.

Selling ads to Mark Thompson on their KLOS website to promote his return to their direct LA competitor – that’s how hard up they are for money (and yes, I captured the screen shot before they changed it).

Seeking Alpha, the Wall Street service that tracks public companies, now flat out says bad Cumulus programming is killing their EBITDA.

So guess what the Dickey’s are going to do?

Fire some people and shakeup programming and sales.

  • What about that poor SOB who decided to take Mark Thompson’s money to run an ad for his new “The Sound” LA Show on his former home website, KLOS?
  • And Jan Jeffries for his part in WLS-FM’s 30% revenue decline.
  • What will happen to Mike “Benedict Arnold” McVay who is proving once again he should return to programming adult contemporary, I think.
  • What Lew will do about morning shows now.
  • The future of branded formats now that Nash FM at 1.3 has the lowest ratings since the format was changed – let me guess, PPM changed a listener panel. No, worse.
  • Why you may want to memorize the word icon.
  • Changes to weekends on Cumulus systemwide.
  • What Cumulus is now thinking about sales commissions.
  • And the future of Engage – their Big Brother (can I say that?) spyware that salespeople despise.

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