Podcasting As the New Broadcasting

I’m not believing all the hype.

In the past six months we are being led to believe that the Second Coming of Podcasting is going to be different from the First Coming.

It’s Serial that causes all this hype -- Sarah Koenig’s outstanding pubic radio podcast about the murder of an 18-year old Baltimore high school student.

Season one of this serial podcast was downloaded 68 million times.

But that’s not the entire story.

Most podcasts – and there are a lot of them – are lucky to be downloaded 200,000 times. Most find a niche market and that’s just fine.

But to confuse podcasting for the broadcasting of the future is just wrong.

In fact, it is the other way around.

Stations that podcast are not helping their broadcasting audiences or revenue either.

Serial was a public radio effort. No advertising.

Podcasting has been a chronically deficient way for talent or for aggregators of content to make any significant money.

That sly fox, my friend Norm Pattiz, is probably going to get rich all over again with PodcastOne (as if he needs it) – he has a way of doing that – but even Norm can’t breathe life into a content delivery system that fails the test with two of the three active and most important audience generations.

And Norm may get rich, but radio stations won’t.

Broadcasters always seem to be looking the wrong way when new technology comes along.

So, let me help.

Podcasting is not the answer.

The best use of time and money is right under their noses.

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