Pittman’s Programming Rescue Plan

CEO Bob Pittman’s plan to get personally involved in fixing 25 struggling Clear Channel stations just got uglier.

But if you think Pittman is doing this for a rating point or two, you’re in for a big surprise.

Pittman is about to remake Clear Channel programming in a way only an investment bank like Bain Capital would like.

He wants you to think it’s about ratings.

Here’s what he’s really up to.

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  1. Why Pittman is personally visiting 25 struggling stations.
  2. Which new market has been added to the Pittman itinerary.
  3. What type of markets will Pittman “fix” first.
  4. What part iHeartRadio plays in the repair of Clear Channel stations.
  5. Why Pittman would personally stick out his neck at 25 top market stations – ratings?


  6. Doomsday scenario:  what if it doesn’t work?  Who pays the price?

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