Pittman’s Plans For Regional Markets

Jeff Smulyan buys stations.

And Bob Pittman has selling on his mind. 

Go figure.

But before Pittman sells, he’s got to mix up a portion of Dr. Good’s special potion and lotion.

If you’re working at a Clear Channel regional station, this means that this is going to be a rollercoaster year.

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  1. The one job that is really a goner at Clear Channel regionals this year.
  2. What is Pittman’s plan to make the company’s $21 billion debt disappear in thin air.
  3. Great News!  Clear Channel is hiring again, great jobs.  But you need not apply if you have this one thing on your resume.
  4. How Pittman’s plan will undermine local station sales.
  5. Pittman’s sneak attack: you won’t even remember that $21 billion debt once you see this.

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