Pittman’s Cockroach Strategy To Survive

Bad news.

Clear Channel’s key revenue markets are tracking way down again in the second quarter with no indication they will make up their 6-7% losses even by the end of this year.

Bob Pittman’s head is now on the Bain chopping block.

He’s taking aggressive action to blame someone else – I mean, to get to the bottom of it.

All this on the eve of another huge RIF.

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  1. What’s up with these new Pittman mandated SWAT teams soon to be going from market to market.
  2. The scary part – who is on these SWAT teams and what is their mission.
  3. How long will they be in your market.
  4. Why the findings are likely to piss off the very people who could make things better.
  5. Who gets blamed if the SWAT team fingers operations in your market.
  6. The 3 biggest Clear Channel trouble spots that could be responsible for taking Pittman down.
  7. Pittman’s cockroach strategy for surviving.
  8. Bonus video!  See the infamous $21 million Bob Pittman “mist tunnel” here.  Your highway taxes at work – so to speak.

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