Pittman Pulling A Fast One On Miller Kaplan

iHeartMedia has another (bad) idea.

Play with the Miller Kaplan numbers until they are no longer credible.

This is reportedly happening right now.

Competitors are going to be outraged when they get a load of this.

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  1. Bob Pittman’s latest snake oil to make bad revenue figures go away.
  2. His new plan to use “corporate welfare” to cook the Miller Kaplan’s.
  3. The underperforming markets that are getting rescued – and the ones that are not.
  4. Which market gets a Pittman gift of $1 million to virtually use anyway they like – yes, I’m naming it.
  5. If you thought that iHeart was plum out of money, you’ll never guess where this cash infusion is coming from.
  6. An ingenious if not sketchy plan to move revenue around from market to market to make things look better.

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