Pittman Expands Sales RIFs

More than originally thought.

More job categories.

More time to knock salespeople off.

What to expect on Day Two of Pittman Gone Bonkers (imagine cutting salespeople when you’re trying to reverse declining revenue).

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  1. Why corporate is sending regional managers, directors of sales and sales managers to major markets starting next week? 
  2. How many more sales RIFs by December. 
  3. Which additional group of sales employees is also being fired and suddenly have the least job security going forward.
  4. Are long-term sales managers in trouble or only less experienced sellers – what day one of Clear Channel sales RIFs reveals.
  5. Horror story:  recruited and fired in 8 months – how Pittman rules with an iron fist.
  6. If you do anything in digital for Clear Channel, read this.
  7. Is your market safe for the time being if it experienced sales RIFs yesterday?
  8. Total body count from initial first day carnage.
  9. One consoling thought – how to know that the worst is over at least temporarily.
  10. How Clear Channel corporate brazenly played mind f#%k with the LA cluster yesterday putting a scare into markets that are not meeting their revenue numbers.
  11. What the fired salespeople came away with when they were RIFed.

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This article was made possible from those close to the layoffs at Clear Channel. When you have news to report, you are automatically in my Witness Protection Program, which has never revealed a source. 

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