Panic Attack: iHeart Dropping Ad Rates 88.3%

I know, I’m making this one up, too.

That’s what the iHeart brain trust will say except that they’ve been caught in the act just like those child predators on MSNBC.

Low balling the market and screwing everyone.

Think iHeart is only doing this in just one city?

Think again.

Prepare for selling against dollar a holler rates coming to your market next courtesy of iHurtRadio.

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  1. The iHeart scam revealed – using three marketing companies to put on faux media seminars for the purpose of slashing radio rates at the end – we’ll name them.
  2. Why sellers are scared stiff that their regular advertisers, the poor unwitting schlubs paying full price will find out about it.
  3. Which advertisers and prospects are being offered these low, low rates for starters.
  4. How long, for how much money – I’m giving it to you to the penny right off the contracts.
  5. Oh no, wait until you see what they do with digital in this “too good to be true” ad package.

The answers begin here.

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