Online & Podcasting Are Slipping

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Online and podcasting’s ‘moment’ may be over – new evidence suggests that the hope or fear of their success may have peaked.

  • Online advertising will peak, not grow and advertising will return once media companies make the advertiser’s success their focus again – for a clue, look to independent and small market local radio stations who are doing just fine as their big competitors suffer. 
  • Podcasting was never to be a vibrant business, but it is a competitor in time spent listening to radio – stop promoting it unless it directly boosts your stations audience. 
  • If the private equity firms propping up Cumulus, Audacy and iHeart didn’t exist and the NAB didn’t sneak radio consolidation into the 1996 Telecom Act, radio would have invested in the future and adapted to changes such as digital as it always has (remember how radio adapted to the coming of television?). 
  • The recession is coming and radio will do as it always does – help advertisers efficiently and cost-effectively sell their way out of it and to those groups that invest in better programming and fewer irritating commercial units, they will get the highest rates while the content destroyers will get the leftovers.

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