Oliviero is the First of Many Entercom Shakeups

The much-maligned employees of CBS must be snickering to themselves as the panicked Entercom CEO David Field who made it clear he thought CBS people were overrated and overpaid, hired one back this week.

Chris Oliviero quit Entercom after only about six months into the new regime. 

He gave a long, more than 6-month notice but he and his CBS salary left.

Now Weezie Kramer gets pushed out (more about that in a moment), her replacement Susan Larkin somehow got her CBS-phobic boss to rehire one of the expendables begging the question – what’s up with that?

Turns out another surprise big management casualty is coming, a fear of losing the sports franchise that is critical to David Field’s plan and an indication that Entercom has to strike quickly before a declining economy kicks them into bankruptcy.

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