Now Cumulus Is Gearing Up For Layoffs

Yesterday Cumulus just took the first step to substantially cut its staff again.

And it looks like they are going to slip one in even as Clear Channel lays off 624 people, which have also been approved to avoid the bad publicity.

The Cumulus layoff plan is underway.

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  1. Here is the giveaway for this round of cutbacks.  The mandatory spreadsheet form that local stations were told to fill out.  Read that form and you can see which jobs are being targeted. 
  2. Two things that could save your job from this round of Cumulus layoffs.  If you’ve got one of these, you’re golden.
  3. The next plug-in national format after all sports that Cumulus is said to be secretly working on.
  4. The big time partner in crime developing this new 24-hour format that will allow them to fire even more local staff.   You’ll be surprised.
  5. The slick programming change that is being made in some markets to cut another position from the budget.
  6. Finally, the thing we all want to know!  When. 

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