New Name, People, Policies for Post-Berner Cumulus

  • The new name – Don’t believe Lew Dickey is going to make a serious run at a hostile takeover?  He’s already got the new name.  Cumulus is so gone. 
  • New COO – Dickey’s role should he succeed at regaining the company he founded will not be running everyday operations.  In the past Lew was let down by some of the people he trusted.  Now meet the new COO. 
  • Who gets fired – Buying Cumulus back to have the same people who helped ruin it stay on is not something Lew Dickey is about to do.  Here are the big wigs who are going to get fired. 
  • Which policies will change – For sellers, will Engage be in their future?  For programmers, will programming continue to be centralized or local?  For market managers, will they report to regional VPs, directly to new management or some new arrangement?  The answers are here.

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