New Layoff Alert At Clear Channel

Market and sales mangers were called to meet with the Great Wise One in Miami this week to find a way to increase revenue.

The situation has deteriorated so much in the last few weeks that The Evil Empire went through the expense of flying all these people in.

And what did Bob Pittman do?

He personally showed them that he could out sell them.

The gloves are coming off.  Now it’s going to get uglier.

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  1. Why the next round of “necessary” layoffs will come from local not corporate.
  2. Heads up:  when the next layoffs start.
  3. How Pittman cut his managers’ private parts off by announcing a new initiative that spreads ad money to starving local stations for pennies on the dollar. 
  4. The conflict deep within Clear Channel that pits revenue managers against financial people – the one that got John Hogan’s ass fired and promises to cause more disruption.
  5. Why Clear Channel managers have seen the future by stealing this odious revenue tactic from CBS.
  6. How about a straight answer!  Are employees at least safe if they make it past March?

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