New Cumulus Management Crisis

Top managers are walking out on Lew Dickey.

It’s so bad, that less than 2 weeks ago one market manager quit after just four months on the job and this is becoming more prevalent.

And he was the latest of 6 managers to run the cluster since 2006 – even more failed since Cumulus bought the station before that.

Long-suffering Cumulus employees vowed that they were waiting for one thing to happen before they walked.  I’ll tell you what that one thing was.

So what do these suddenly empowered ex-employees of Cumulus plan to do for their “next” job?  This one radio company loves to hire Cumulus employees.

Cumulus often reacts liked a jilted girl or boyfriend to the news that their employees are leaving before they can be fired.   When they get this pissed, they turn to tactics like the ones I’m going to share with you. 

Then there’s their latest ploy to advertise for top jobs that have been vacated, but you won’t believe what Cumulus does to these positions while they are searching for a replacement. 

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