Netflix Disrupting More Than Network TV

Netflix thinks network TV will be dead by 2030.

I don’t think it will last that long.


Network TV is a wily business whose time has past.

So it matters not that Les Moonves is going to pull CBS programming off of Dish TV. Dish has a history of rocky negotiations with content providers.

Both sides are a joke.

No one watches network TV – or at least let me say, fewer money demos are watching every month.

And Dish TV is no better than DirecTV or cable. They are all losing subscribers hand over fist.

Bundling is over.

95 million Millennials have voted and they’ll cherry pick their content as they want it, thank you.

But Netflix is just one of the content providers that is disrupting network TV.

Hulu Plus, HBO Go, CBS’ Showtime, Fox FX among others are churning out programming that money demos want when they want it and they are willing to pay for it.

That’s why it is ironic that CBS gets satellite and cable providers to ante up more money for retransmission fees seeing as how network TV is a dying business. They need the content but that sham is saving the networks’ bacon – but only for now.

Netflix will probably be able to continue innovating with the help of great people because they are also changing the way they are employers.

More freedom for high performance employees to achieve.

Freedom to make decisions.

Top compensation.

New freedom in using vacation and sick time.

My radio subscribers are getting sick just reading about all these benefits because they are working for slumlords who treat their people like migrant workers.

And that’s my point.

Want to be relevant in the years ahead?

Rethink the mission of radio AND change the way you recruit, nurture and operate your company.

That’s one of the things – I should say two – that we are going to get into face to face at my 2015 Philly conference March 18th.

I hope you can find a way to be there this year because to there is no format change, managerial cutback or reorganization that is going to do it.

Reimagine radio.

Here’s a preview of the content:

  • What You Need To Know About Reimagining Radio
  • Mastering Digital – What Works, What’s in the Pipeline.     
  • Protect Your Station Against Competitors Who Drop Their Rates
  • Latest Breakthroughs For Attracting Money Demos
  • Changing the Way We Talk To Audiences
  • Key Strategies To Protect Your Radio Station
  • New Content Businesses Ripe For Radio
  • Salvation for AM Stations
  • FM Protection Against Streaming Music Services
  • The Trick To Real and Lasting Success For News/Talk/Spoken Word
  • Dire Warning About Podcasting
  • The Best New Radio Format No One Is Doing
  • Expanded Group Questions & Answers

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