Monster 35-Unit Spot Breaks Have Arrived

I didn’t believe it either.

And you know what the offending radio group is going to say:  Jerry made it up.

That’s until I share with you the secret memo from a corporate programming VP that confirms it all in their own words.

What’s worse, now a second group is apparently also onboard with monster commercial breaks.  And more are likely to follow leaving good groups all alone.

To accomplish monster breaks, as you will soon see, the old rules will soon be out.

Get ahead of this.

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  1. A leaked secret memo thanks to our Witness Protection Program that reveals the new, revised breakdown of spots hourly and for each break.
  2. The well-known programming exec who joked in a conference call:  “So this does mean that you could have a spot break with 70 or more 10 seconds spots”.  But it’s no joke.  They already started.  
  3. The arrival of a new category called  “emergency” commercials – what they are and how they are added in.
  4. Believe it or not, wait until you see what doesn’t count toward the limit making them bigger yet.
  5. The monumental move away from the way spot breaks are done currently – this changes everything.
  6. And the question you want answered!  How can competing groups get out ahead of this to their advantage?

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