Millennial Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

Want 8 ways to stop pissing off the next generation on the air?

Almost every station makes every one of these mistakes – every one!

But there are solutions that can turn your station around by attracting younger demographics just by being strategically shrewd.

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  1. How to change the way your advertisers do commercials so Millennials will buy their products and services.  Hint:  it has something to do with what happens at the end. 
  2. What’s the best length for a Millennial-friendly radio commercial – keep trying, you’ll never guess.
  3. Is there a talk radio hot button for Millennial listeners?  You betcha, but not one talk station is pushing that button. 
  4. Why radio should take the current audience bingeing trend more seriously. 
  5. A sure-fired way to invite your young listeners to tune out – you want to stop doing this right now.
  6. Let me just give you this one – don’t use social media.  Just don’t.  Here’s why.
  7. At Last!  What the next generation wants your stations to sound like.  They’re all but begging you.
  8. What one thing that radio used to do better than anyone else and no longer does is universally loved by young audiences.  Bring it back fast.
  9. Millennials don’t know your call letters, frequency or silly brand names.  They can only ID one thing about a radio station – be warned.

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