Master Radio & Digital Together

The terrifying question for established traditional media companies such as TV networks and radio is how to do digital while still reaping current levels of revenue from broadcasting.

Networks are frightened of Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO Go and on-demand viewing of all kinds.

They’re even afraid of DVRs that allow audiences to time delay their viewing.

One reason is that time shifting diminishes the broadcast model and a second is that you can bet the ranch that no one watching time shifted content is going to watch commercials.

In radio, the issue is how to keep on broadcasting even though digital devices make live broadcasting less attractive. 

Pandora is the new radio – sorry, but it just keeps growing and growing.

And time shifted is the new live.

In radio there are still those who think the world is flat and these folks are holding onto every hope that a smartphone can become a radio.

Not happening and will not happen. 

No digital strategy has emerged for radio and time is wasting.

There had better be a Plan B.

But there is a way to master digital content and broadcasting simultaneously creating two strong revenue streams.

But it takes an open mind and some guts.

  1. Don’t do the same thing on the air that you do for digital because you’re killing both off.  Now with this strategy radio gets a new mission at the same time digital is redeployed to be more effective.
  2. Live broadcasting must take on a new purpose.  If it resembles satellite radio or Pandora, radio’s goose is cooked.  But there are ways to reinvigorate live broadcasting and giving it a new lease on life and I’d like to share them.
  3. Consider using radio stations as preview channels for digital.  It’s not hard to do.
  4. I’ve got an outline for a new morning show that a) never makes it to the airwaves; b) isn’t a podcast and c) is so appealing to audiences that crave time shifting, you’re going to wonder why you never thought of it.  If you attend my event, ask me to outline it.
  5. Jerry Lee, the successful B-101, Philadelphia owner has it right.  Streaming is a waste of time.  There are more useful ways to redeploy radio assets.  Jerry Lee will be on our faculty when we address a new way to grow revenue without digital.  You’ll kick yourself for not seeing this path.
  6. There are three things that must be done to succeed in digital and if one of them is not fulfilled, you will not succeed.  Do you know the three things? You’ll need to.
  7. Great news.  You can get listeners to pay YOU even though you are not going to stop running commercials.  They will pay you because what you’re about to find out is their hot button is something you can do.  Cha-ching, a third revenue source after spots and digital revenue.
  8. Ask me about how to create a new kind of time shifted radio content that listeners will buy from you like a DVD or better yet, a series of new content that they can subscribe to.

Sit home if you want or rehash the same old ideas from broadcasting conventions and shows.

But if this sounds a little more optimistic than trying to add on streaming and social media to radio stations that are currently seeing a decline in money demo aged audiences, then keep in mind, the necessary skills are already in our wheelhouse.

First, we must be willing to learn about it, teach those around us and oversee implementation without hesitation.

I’ll present the ideas and bring in the experts. 

Will you invest one day to embrace these forward-looking strategies?

Here is the curriculum for the 2014 Media Solutions Conference along with a link to reserve a seat today:

1.  Disrupt Your Radio Station

Blow it up without losing your loyal fans.  Gain audience by attacking all the things digital age listeners hate about radio before a digital competitor does.  Study the plan to drastically alter and destroy the old structure the way Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and Netflix did.  Innovate the next radio creating new revenue streams and solving virtually every objection digital-age listeners have about radio.

2.  Master Digital

Learn how people you probably don’t know make millions of dollars in digital without running commercials or even selling banner ads.  It is being done right now but traditional media isn’t doing it.  Consider this your game plan.

3.  Most Effective Social Media Strategies

Social media shakeup alert!  Instagram is ousting Facebook.  Twitter is in trouble despite its IPO.  Horror of all horrors – texting with pictures is where you should be but social media is no longer just about staying connected so if your radio station is relying on today’s social media, this is a heads up to get with it.

4.  Reverse The Decline of Radio Listening

Learn the most effective approach to reinvigorating a radio station that is under attack from digital competitors.  The secret is in one paragraph you will want to memorize as your credo.  We will brainstorm together on steps that will guarantee that you will find new radio listeners by outsmarting digital competitors.

5.  Succeed At Short Form Video

No matter what kind of content you create going forward, it must include short form video.  But short form video is no longer your children’s YouTube.  There are new risks, new rewards and endless ways to create video content that is compelling and financially rewarding.  We will cover it.

6.  Engaging 80 Million Millennials

They hate radio.  And use music like toothpaste.  But there is a way to engage Millennials.  I will share my work in generational media that indicates this young and massive audience is available to traditional media such as radio, TV and the record industry but not by continuing the status quo.  You’ll come away knowing their hot buttons and their turn offs.

7.  Time Shifting Radio

All content must be available on-demand – everything.  The audience is demanding it and every medium except radio is responding.  How to create time shifted radio content.  Whether to rely on over-the-air broadcasts for time shifting or create new content.  How to market time shifting as a new stream of revenue. Go to school on time shifting.

One day.

March 26, 2014 at the Rittenhouse Hotel, Philadelphia presented by Jerry Del Colliano with the assistance of clinical guest faculty.

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