Master Digital – What Works, What’s in the Pipeline

  • Put a stop/loss on your current digital plan and focus on just ONE of these sure-thing strategies instead
  • Alternative plans for streams that aren’t currently making money
  • Stop podcasting, do this instead (and watch the revenue build)
  • What’s more saleable than “clicks” and “likes” – here’s your new marketing tool
  • How to follow the wildly popular Netflix model and package on-demand content --- not for television, but for radio
  • Blow up the station website and reimagine it like this cash cow
  • Secrets of paid content and how to profit from it
  • How to unlock the revenue potential of iPhone, iPad and Android
  • How to hire local talent your competitors discard and start a digital project with them – without doing a traditional radio show or even paying their salaries. 

One of 7 key topic areas that will be covered at my upcoming Media Solutions Conference in Philadelphia.

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