Massive CBS Radio Layoffs Being Planned

Oh, no!

Say it’s not so.

CBS is fast becoming “See B.S.”

Swapping and building, pontificating about their platforms – sounds like imNOTMedia, doesn’t it?

Sad to say, plans are being made to wipeout expenses and that means huge personnel cuts coming.

Here’s what sources close to the situation are saying.

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  1. The iHeartMedia/Cumulus type cuts that CBS Radio top management is planning to unleash.
  2. Hundreds of “survivors” (sorry CBS TV) are not going to have it pretty either – Here’s why.
  3. The big changes that air talent will have to get used to.
  4. Who is exempt from these huge cutbacks – two men. One of course is Dan Mason. Here’s the other lucky devil.
  5. What is Dickeyheimers Disease – the incurable disease that is beginning to infect the once great CBS Radio.

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