Mary Berner Chooses A Brutal Cumulus Right Hand Man


  • The brutal and powerful new assistant is worse than John Dickey.
  • How he ordered the firing of the father of two dead newly born triplets at his previous job to save a few bucks – get to know him here or just run for your life now.
  • Mary’s new man who will help her turn the company around has been known to be a buzz kill at sales meetings telling sales managers in front of coworkers that they wouldn’t be needed any longer.      
  • Why this is a bad omen for women at Cumulus with Mary’s latest mistake.
  • Part of the role for Mary’s new right hand man is to keep an eye on Mike McVay – details on just exactly how he thinks he will do that.
  • Why Wall Street money will see this move as proof that Cumulus cannot be saved.
  • How Berner will put lipstick on this pig this week during the employee pre-Christmas webcast.

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