Marc Chase’s War on iHeart Program Directors

When iHeart program directors find out just how much power Bob Pittman is giving former Jacor dirty tricks PD Marc Chase they’re going to die.

That’s if they don’t get fired first.

Chase exists because Pittman needs a gunslinger to take the fall for what he’s about to do next.

  • The Jacor dirty tricks iHeart PDs will have to now deal with.
  • That’s assuming they survive – a look at the Pittman plan to randomly eliminate PDs.
  • The skunk works Chase will likely use at each station he descends upon.
  • What is making Pittman give outsider Chase unprecedented power over iHeart progammers and stations.
  • The Chase replacement station coming to an iHeart market near you.
  • What about air talent under Chase’s plan.

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