Marc Chase Already Having His Clock Cleaned in LA

It’s not nice to coast on your reputation.

Even if it’s a reputation for being a dirty trick artist.

Real 923 is on the air in LA without prime talent Big Boy – the Emmis property they are trying to steal away.

Marc Chase who is disguised as Doc Wynter, the resident and nominal program director, is slobbering all over himself thinking about how he is going to unseat the number one urban radio powerhouse in LA.

And if you’re keeping score on dirty tricks – it’s now 1-nothing in favor of Chase.

He ran the price up on Big Boy’s contract from $1.6 million to $3.5 million.

He promised him the world – Bob Pittman-type private planes, cars, incentives and promises that would make Big Boy iHeart’s black Ryan Seacrest.

It’s as if Chase didn’t really want Big Boy, he wanted to stick Emmis with the burdensome salary and benefit increases.

More importantly, Chase’s tactic oriented programming got Big Boy off Power while the courts decide on Big Boy’s availability just in time for iHeart to launch their new urban hip-hop competitor against Power 106 minus their star morning personality.

Chase is wetting his pants because this is what he does – take down the powerhouse.

Unfortunately, while Chase was getting off on all of this, he had his clock cleaned in an embarrassing maneuver that would have gotten anyone else fired – details below.

And for the first time, we’ve got the book on Marc Chase – the big bad Randy Michaels clone who actually loses audience when he takes over. The evidence is mind-blowing.

So, who does he have digital pictures of in a compromising situation?

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