Liberty Media’s iHeart Talent Dump

Some people don’t believe that David Field is planning to eliminate all live talent from his stations except for maybe one show – if that.   

Entercom’s WBBM, Chicago morning traffic reporter Beau Duran took to Twitter the other day to say “@Entercom has handled this so much better than other radio companies and here @jdelcolliano goes talking out of his ass once again”.

Except, it’s true – coming to all markets except New York and LA one live show per market max and even though David Field attempted to change the subject by restoring wage givebacks once the news leaked, he isn’t changing his mind about eliminating live talent.

Beau can’t be faulted for shooting the messenger, after all, radio folks just want to keep entertaining people but Field is the one who runs Entercom and he did not back down nor even attempt to walk it back.

What’s worse is when Liberty takes over iHeart (Liberty reportedly owns about 35% of iHeart’s debt and is asking the DOJ for permission), it will unfortunately mean firings like radio has never seen before in a model so unique that it has never been tried previously.

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