Lew Dickey’s Altered Plan for Radio

We know Lew Dickey’s first acquisition for his new company.

Akazoo, the emerging markets music streaming service that has been profitable for the last 7 plus years and is uniquely positioned to take advantage of “glocalism”, the complex business of appealing to local musical tastes.

And we know he’s rumored to be kicking tires at TuneIn, the struggling radio streaming site that is looking for a buyer. TuneIn would easily eclipse Entercom’s Radio.com and include podcasting and music streaming at more favorable music rates.

So, what about radio?

Is Lew Dickey over it or does he have a plan to buy radio stations?

A lot of things have altered plans in recent weeks with Dickey having what every other radio group wants – a real digital platform.

Where is he on wanting what theyhave – a radio group?

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