Lenders Demand More Clear Channel Cuts

Clear Channel lenders know nothing about radio so the changes they are imposing next are so scary as to be unbelievable.

But believe it.

The Clear Channel mandate to make more drastic cuts.

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  1. One coming budget cut is so controversial Clear Channel is actually asking the perpetrators involved not to discuss it. 
  2. When the first of the big changes is slated to start.
  3. Excerpts from this secret email that says:  “In the coming weeks we will have a strategic game plan”.  About what?
  4. Three huge cuts I guarantee you have never seen implemented at any radio station.  In fact, you’ve never even heard about them, but you will because they are coming.
  5. And will somebody please reveal what’s in the works at Clear Channel!  A new name for the radio stations.  A new look for offices.  Yet another new way to drastically slash expenses.

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