Larry Wilson’s Alpha Broadcasting Playbook

What is Larry Wilson really up to?

Buying tiny markets like Fredericksburg to add to the other no name markets he has cobbled together.

He’s not an evil iHeart or Cumulus operator but is there a business in buying markets that even investors may never have heard of?

Here’s his ambitious game plan.

  • Something just happened that might slow down or end future acquisitions. Now what?
  • The lenders are running the show – what they want from their investment in Alpha.
  • Why Dean Goodman’s Digity is watching how Larry Wilson cashes out since Goodman’s markets are even smaller.
  • Is an IPO an option for a company in a dying business that operates in very small markets.
  • The radio group that Wilson may most like to imitate.
  • The best thinking on Alpha’s playbook going forward.

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