Keep An Eye On Townsquare

Townsquare has a mission in the radio industry that you may not know about.

Yes, their employees mock them.

The owners are the laughing stock of the industry when they talk about being a hybrid of digital and events.

Of course, that’s horseshit.

But something evil is in the works that is going to upend the entire radio industry.

I thought you would like to know.

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  1. Why Entercom should be the most worried.
  2. Townsquare is standing by for their next mission from Oaktree Capital and it’s a potential radio bombshell.
  3. Les Moonves is too smart to stay in a dying radio business, but here’s how Townsquare could be part of his solution in a sneaky way.
  4. How can it be that the tiny stations Townsquare owns has its stock price rising while Cumulus is at a one year low – the stock market knows something and here’s what it is.

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