Jay Leno’s Last Day


Jay Leno goes into forced retirement.

Comcast is yanking him from The Tonight Show after 20 years in favor of the younger Jimmy Fallon.

To the end, Leno won the money demographic that advertisers covet even though he is full of gray hair and over 60.

Comcast, owner of NBC Universal, not only thinks the time is right to get rid of the old man but they are paying him an additional – that’s right additional -- $15 million to step down now instead of September.

Comcast obviously wants Leno out.

And that begs the question all media people struggle with – when do you go younger to attract younger audiences?

Or, do you even turn to a younger performer to attract younger audiences.

Music is a young artists business – I used to tell my music industry students at USC that when they turn 28, they’re officially old when it comes to the new generation of musicians.  And the labels always want the next big – young – thing.

Radio doesn’t seem to care about any personalities or djs because they just want cheap – the next cheaper thing.

But stations that care about audiences if they are to be honest will admit to wondering where the sweet spot is.

It’s worthy of a conversation.

Once Leno cashes his additional $15 million check, he is a free agent for Fox or anyone else that thinks his unique monologue will continue to please the money demo and the advertisers who covet it.

When we meet in Philly March 26th, I am going to share with you some new research on the four must-have qualities that 95 million Millennials are looking for from media.

Once armed with this list, we can look at talent in a new way.

Age, by the way, didn’t even make the Millennial list so Comcast obviously thinks they know something that Millennials aren’t admitting to.

But you will know and we’ll discuss because there is nothing worse than doing programming well that doesn’t need to be done at all.

Here’s the lineup for our day together. 

Hope you can make it. 

  1. The most effective way to disrupt radio and not lose audience or advertisers.  On the contrary, gain more money demos and more revenue. 
  2. How to stop wasting money and people power on digital initiatives that don’t really increase your revenue.  If there is only one digital project to undertake, this is the project that has money written all over it.  I will share.
  3. How to create a social media network to replace Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or whatever whim is next in social media.  The social network you are going to create can never be taken away from you and this one makes money in the first year.
  4. The 15-to-25 things that can transform an antiquated approach to radio to one that even the next generation can embrace.  Let’s not fool around, here are the handful of things that work in today’s market.
  5. Go to school on a media entrepreneur who makes $3 million a year doing a 5-minute weekly video that has no commercials, no product placement, no banner ads on the site and doesn’t charge subscription fees.  I’ll show you video and tell you all about the plan.
  6. What if someone actually could breakdown the 4 to 6 things that Millennials want in their lives – in fact, that define their preferences for media.  You’re going to get a checklist of things that you can use to make sure everything you do from now on attracts Millennials. 
  7. How to time shift radio and develop strategies to make radio more like Netflix, the popular aggregator of content that all generations love.  I’m here to tell you, radio can play by the same rules.  There is a Netflix model for radio.  Understand it and run with it.

This event will not be available by stream or video – only live and in person. 

I can’t wait to share my enthusiasm and knowledge with you in person.

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