Incredible New Discovery About Radio’s Future

Radio doesn’t have to fade away and die.

There’s new information about things that are critical to radio’s survival.

Things you never knew about saving radio from the self-destructive path it is currently on.

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  1. New evidence that radio’s biggest source of listening – in cars – is the wrong strategy.  Forget the car?  Yes, but what to do.
  2. The biggest nightmare will be the digital dashboard, but there is a workaround that will cost you nothing if you jump on it now.
  3. What’s infinitely better than trying to turn a cellphone into a radio?  Back this not that.
  4. Compelling new thinking about commercials, hit music and Pandora – I promise, this is a real eye-opener.
  5. Who holds the key to radio’s future and how to target them effectively.

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