iHeart’s War On Salespeople Begins

CEO SpongeBob Bossy Pants just can’t deal with experienced salespeople who handle agency business that make six figures many times over in commission.

And he’s arrived on the scene to protect the greedy bastards that employ him from these freaks of nature.

Late last week, Pittman’s minions wiped out the sales careers for one-third of the sales force at their Houston cluster – one of its most lucrative.

When I say serial, I mean serial.

The sellers were lined up one by one – tapped on the shoulder and escorted to their career demise and fired by their sales manager.

For those not in the office at the time, they got fired over the phone. A nice touch.

Some with 29 years experience.

All had their personal belongings boxed as they were escorted to the door unable to say their goodbyes or leave with their dignity.

As repulsive and insensitive as this is, iHeart employees had better get used to it.

Pittman finally has the last piece in place that will allow him to start thinning out the sales department of a radio group that can’t even post positive revenue figures.

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