iHeart’s Secret Plan To Reduce Cluster Size

You will not believe what iHeart is thinking of doing to reduce debt.

I fell off my chair when I heard.

Because it’s not just about selling a few stations here and there.

It’s worse.

I’ve got the plan they are kicking around and scarier yet – investment bankers appear to be cool with it.

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  1. The “optimum” size of an iHeart cluster in the future.
  2. Some of their big, iconic moneymaking stations are safe under this plan, right? Well, not so fast.
  3. Would this apply to all size markets or just the crappy little markets they don’t care about.
  4. How iHeart is being so careful to let investment bankers think this plan is their idea.
  5. I reveal the rules of engagement – who gets what they’re selling and how they plan to make sure none of the buyers could ever hurt them going forward.
  6. What happens to the newly reorganized regional markets – where do they fit into this plan?

If you would like to see iHeart’s secret plan to reduce cluster size, how they will proceed and strict rules for who they will sell to, touch “read more” below.


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