iHeart’s End of June Housecleaning

Months before COVID, iHeart dumped over 1,000 employees.

Then COVID handed iHeart’s beleaguered owners a “gift” and they used it to substantially eliminate more jobs as advertising took a hit.

This pattern of firing, layoffs, furloughs, “dislocations” and “excellence hubs” (as they called them) morphed into employees taking off a few weeks from the company with no pay.

iHeart billing is off as much as 50% as they continue to burn through what cash they have left to keep operating.

All this as Liberty Media awaits the DOJs ruling on whether they will be allowed to make a takeover bid even as iHeart searches for foreign money to prop them up.

Now they’re going to get serious about cost cutting in some vulnerable markets (over 80%) and it’s going to look and feel desperate and not unnoticed by other radio groups.

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