iHeartMedia Layoffs Just Weeks Away

Layoffs weeks away.

Each and every year in recent memory, the evil empire formerly known as Clear Channel has wasted employees right around holiday time.

Sometimes over 500 layoffs at a clip.

This year will be the same – and very different.

Here’s what to expect in the next two weeks.

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  1. Who gets targeted this year. This is your heads up.
  2. Which positions are relatively safe (I said “relatively”). And for how long. These folks can enjoy the holidays worry-free.
  3. Pittman & Bressler’s master plan for reducing employees revealing what they feel is essential – and what is not.
  4. How this year’s holiday firings will be carried off – different from previous years.
  5. Changes in how iHeart will handle severance.      
  6. The grace period before budget approval and the start of holiday firings.

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