iHeart Shuffling Assets May Prove Fatal

Crazy Bobby’s prices for selling iHeart tower real estate or the European outdoor company “are insane” – to borrow a phrase from convicted felon Crazy Eddie Antar who once owned 43 electronics stores in the Northeast.

The potential buyers most certainly know that iHeart is considering bankruptcy.

Advantage: buyers.

iHeart is flirting with danger.

  • What a bankruptcy judge just ruled about a company that got caught shuffling assets around and how it could impact iHeart’s dash for the door.
  • The key indicator that may say it all – it happens the third week of February.
  • Why buyers all of a sudden have more leverage if they walk from deals to buy iHeart assets now.
  • Bankruptcy courts and their attitude about firing employees should a filing be accepted.
  • What about benefits, pensions and payouts – in jeopardy or protected?
  • To even have a chance for survival radio revenue must start going up – here’s the outlook for the first quarter and which markets could make or break the future of iHeart.

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