iHeart Rushing To Prep Severance Agreements

Less than 3 weeks for iHeart to make a dent in their 33% goal of laying off current employees.

Severance agreements are stuck in legal causing a problem.

Why iHeart likes to layoff in large numbers instead of spreading it out like Cumulus does.

The reason very few laid off iHeart employees ever follow through with their threats of a lawsuit even though – believe it or not – for the reason I’m going to share, the fired worker has all the power over the company except for one thing.

Most of last weeks first RIFs were all to the same kind of employee, did you notice?

Wait until you see what iHeart is calling a severance agreement these days.

iHeart’s obsession for locking employees they no longer need out from working for a competitor – this is now non-negotiable. And they plan to get nasty about it.

And what’s the rush to fire so many of the 33% before the holidays.

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