iHeart Bombarding Workers With Performance Write-ups

There’s an outbreak of bogus complaints against usually excellent employees as iHeartMedia moves to shed one-third of their workers.

Bad stuff.

The evil way they are now counterattacking employees who file legitimate worker compensation claims.

Even those injured, hurt or compromised working for them on the job!

Their M.O. for writing up employees who have had stellar employment records and have done nothing wrong – revealed.

If iHeart doesn’t need real reasons to fire anyone, why is padding the record against an employee so important to them – here’s your reason so you can avoid their trap or other groups who will take the same tactic.

How this impacts severance packages.

Growing talk of a class action suit against iHeart – the same approach that was successful for Cumulus workers a few years ago. Worth keeping an eye on.

And you may find this hard to believe but iHeart is treading on sacred ground – making decisions to keep or promote employees based on whether corporate likes their spouses.

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