iHeart Bankruptcy Timetable Revealed

It’s getting to be not IF but WHEN.

iHeart just sold off their satellite division to add to the others assets they have recently sold or are selling.

Rich Bressler is comfortable with their growing $20.5 billion debt.

When is all of this going down?

  • What’s the potential order in which moves (like selling off assets) will be made.
  • How are stations going to be affected – will some of these assets be sold soon?
  • What big windfall may windup in the hands of the owners on the eve of a bankruptcy filing.
  • What a bankruptcy court is likely to say about the 33% reduction in force now underway.
  • The very latest layoffs – I know, iHeart denies these layoffs but here they are. Snagged.
  • The likelihood of further personnel cutbacks this year – after the 33% reduction.
  • And most importantly -- what’s the time frame for bankruptcy to go down at iHeart.

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