iHeart Asset Dump To Include Selling Stations

We said iHeart was going to sell the real estate under their broadcast towers.

They denied it.

Last week iHeart took a $400 million offer.

Then, we said they would sell their outdoor division to raise cash.

No, no – we’re not selling them.

But this month they announced they would sell their European outdoor division and sale of U.S. outdoor is very likely.

Now we’re saying iHeart is in such financial hot water that they have to sell stations to raise cash.

This article is about which stations are most likely to be sold.

Whether major markets are immune from liquidation or is there a circumstance under which iHeart would pull the trigger on a major market shocker.

The offer reportedly being written right now that is going to be presented to iHeart to buy a bunch of their stations.

And what iHeart incredibly is reportedly telling interested parties who want to shake some stations loose from them.

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