If You’re Thinking of Leaving Radio

Ready to move on.

Want to stay in the content business creating, marketing or selling it but just not in radio?

The harsh reality is, you’re going to need to get good – real good – in digital media and how different generations are now using media.

My conferences tend to attract people who either continue to work at independent radio stations that are committed to local programming.

And talented folks who are ready for a change.

In my own life, I want to kiss Clear Channel on the lips for forbidding me to be in the radio business after I sold them Inside Radio.  So I accepted an appointment as professor of music industry at USC (not forbidden in the non-compete) and years later came away with a deep understanding of how traditional media is in trouble with the next generation.

I want to share some of this with you because I would never care to work for owners who are ruining the radio industry when I could be blazing trails in digital or working for the few remaining good local broadcasters.

If you’re like me, here are some of the things that I will share with you to start a new, happy and prosperous life in the hottest media sector on earth.

  1. Where to get the critical skill sets that are absolutely necessary for succeeding in the digital space.  I’ll be quite specific.
  2. New businesses you can start without begging for funding – you can do it yourself.  I did it and I’ll show you.
  3. The digital space is a new frontier.  The things that worked for us in radio are detriments as we move ahead.  I’ll identify them so you can beware.  For example:  hype is out with the next generation and it will kill a project, but how do you promote and market without hype?  Come to Philly in March and I will tell you.
  4. If you’re not exactly sure of what you want to do next but know you want to be in the content business, I will help you make up your mind – no, jump into what will soon be the hottest thing in content creation.  Few see it coming, but you will. 
  5. Social media SOS!  Say you start a new media business and use social media to grow it (it makes sense, right?); I’m going to tell you right now you will be presiding over your own execution.  Social media is about to blow up like never before.  You see it with Facebook’s decline and the first signs of erosion in Twitter.  Where does that leave us with tools to virally grow our new businesses?  Glad you asked.
  6. An organizational question:  do you quit your day job and plow right into these great opportunities I am going to share with you or do both under the radar?  After all, you’ve got to eat.  There is actually a sensible and phased schedule for launching in the digital space and it comes from our best students – our children.   Listen and learn.
  7. Partnerships!  No, not the faux partnerships Clear Channel and Cumulus are doing, that’s not going to help you.  But innovative propositions with people like you forging ahead in the digital space. 
  8. How to monetize your new business.  I’m good at that and I’m going to sing like a canary.
  9. The one big, huge mistake that you do not want to make under any circumstances or you’ll wipe yourself out.  Radio people make it all the time when they do digital.  You will not screw up.

There’s more, but that’s a taste.

Imagine a learning seminar with people just like you – radio executives committed to local operation along with tomorrow’s digital entrepreneurs who “get” that audiences are rapidly changing.

I could put together a panel with John Dickey and have them tell you what their idea of the digital future is – I kid Fredo.  Or you can get cutting edge strategies straight from people who actually know – all this in a great learning atmosphere of approval and acceptance.

What are you waiting for – the price to go up?

Seriously, invest a day in this life-changing seminar with immediate impact and tangible benefits.  It’s our fifth annual so we must be doing something right.


March 26th.


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