Hundreds of Heads Ready To Roll At Cumulus

It’s a mistake to think that “only” hundreds of Dial Global jobs are at risk.

That, too.

Existing Cumulus employees are going to pay for Lew Dickey’s station building with their jobs.

Massive layoffs are built into this deal because the numbers don’t work without them. 

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  1. The unbelievable terms – never before seen in a radio deal – that makes the acquisition of Dial Global and station trading with Townsquare impossible to do without massive cutbacks.
  2. Who gets hit the hardest.
  3. The disturbing plans Cumulus has for the 7,000 Dial Global stations they now program.
  4. The emerging new role of Townsquare Media in the next phase of consolidation.
  5. The big elephant in the room – How deep Lew Dickey must go cutting costs to make this deal float?

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