How To Disrupt the Radio Industry

Listening is down.

Advertising is struggling to keep up with an industry no growth revenue number for 2013.

Big owners are systematically eliminating local radio in favor of less expensive national programming and low overhead.

They’re even actively working on a direct online media-buying platform that could make salespeople even more expendable. 

It all seems hopeless.

But some radio companies are doing it right.

Hubbard, Saga, Bonneville, Cox, Lincoln Financial are among them.

And then there’s Jerry Lee who decade after decade leads the Philadelphia market in audience and revenue share – with only one station.

His advertisers love B-101 for good reason – he helps them be more successful in their campaigns.

He has adapted with the times and the generational changes – few radio executives can make that claim.

In an era when the money demo is turning away from radio, his stations win it consistently.

You can listen to John Dickey tell you how Cumulus loses money or you can ask a person who has made money for years – through recessions, with digital competitors.

So I’ve asked Jerry Lee to teach at my 2014 Media Solutions Conference – this year in Philly.

In just five years the Media Solutions Conference has become the most comprehensive, up-to-the-minute source of reliable information for the changing radio, media, digital and music industries.

Our mission is to provide those facing the many challenges ahead with authoritative, cutting edge information to not just survive in changing times, but to thrive.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll get at the 2014 Media Solutions Conference:

  • How to disrupt your radio station before a traditional or digital competitor does.  If you take only one blueprint away from this year’s conference, make it this one.
  • Master digital media.  Beyond streaming, websites, clicks and likes, pursue a digital strategy that is effective and on-target for the emerging audience.
  • The most effective new social media strategies.  Instagram is replacing Facebook.  Facebook is becoming a picture album.  Twitter, well … Prepare for great change just ahead in social media. 
  • Dealing with shorter attention spans.  Finally, the radio answer to song A.D.D.
  • Reverse the decline of radio listening by making these strategic moves.  
  • How Millennials hold the key to radio’s future.  The largest group of potential new listeners some 80 million strong and coming of age are sending radio and media companies a new list of demands.
  • Slow the decline of radio audiences and revenues by making a few strategic moves.  New evidence that you can improve PPM ratings by not doing what Arbitron recommends.
  • New digital content businesses to start.  All with clearly defined paths to monetization.
  • Succeed at short video, digital audio, text & social media. Become an expert at short-form video.  Amazing ways to morph traditional media into digital.

The most important decision you will make about your ability to be viable in this era of great change requires investing just 1 day to guarantee success in the coming year.

Jerry Del Colliano will present emerging trends and will be joined by a faculty of visiting experts.

Reserve a seat at a special rate here.

Book a hotel room on-site at The Rittenhouse Hotel for $249 plus tax by calling 800-635-1042 and mentioning “Media Solutions Conference”.  A limited number of rooms are available at this special rate.

Contact Jerry with questions.