How The Cumulus Layoffs & Pay Cuts Will Go Down


  • The big names who could meet their demise this time coming as a shock to no one but them.
  • We name some of the most vulnerable.
  • Watch for these firings around rampant cronyism the kind that Mary Berner abhors.
  • Formerly safe big name air talent now in harm’s way.
  • Job security updates on Mike McVay, Todd Pettengill, Jack Diamond, Michael Savage and others.
  • The senior level Cumulus exec who reportedly has asked the happy talk trade press to eliminate commenting on stories representing them.
  • The Cumulus honcho who plans to lay low during the holidays while loyal and dedicated Cumulus employees get fired unless new CEO Mary Berner gets him too.
  • The timeframe.
  • And for laughs – the word on the enormously popular John Dickey and where he will land. Consider this a warning.

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