How Many Voices Make the Most Effective Radio Spots

One, two or three voices?

How many voices on a radio spot is proven to be most effective for your local client by far?

Do you know?

Would you bet your billing on it because that’s exactly what a lot of stations are doing when they don’t listen to what listeners want.

I can promise we will tell you next week at my Philly radio conference and it is one of those three choices.  Research shows you can greatly increase the effectiveness for your client’s local spots if you choose the right number voices.

We’ll have an expert to talk about this.

And also to talk about how to keep advertisers in flight and not off the air. 

We’re all looking for ways to build the revenue up in this challenging year for radio, so let’s not forget this way.

Reduce churn – that will greatly help.

Make more effective ads.

And test those ads.

Then charge a premium for testing and for delivering better results.

But there is so much more because this isn’t a show and it isn’t for networking.

It’s about building revenue, attracting in-demo listeners, competing with digital for revenue and refreshing yourself on trending topics that affect local radio stations.

Again, if you attend this conference – and you get nothing more than this information, you will more than pay for your time invested.

But look at the following list of subjects, you’ll get a whole lot more.

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